QLD Swimming Pool Fence Regulations

General Requirements

The QLD swimming pool fence regulations require that barriers used around swimming pools must be permanent structures and restrict access to the water by young children. Temporary fencing may only be used for a maximum of three (3) months unless that period is extended by a building certifier in writing.

The barrier must have an effective minimum height of 1200 mm and include a continuous non-climable zone (NCZ) around the perimeter. Within the non-climbable zone there must be a minimum of 900 mm between any hand and foot hold.

Barriers may be constructed from any type of material but must be free from sharp edges, sharp projections, entraping spaces and similar hazards.

Fences must be designed and installed to be vertical. Where other features e.g. retaining walls form part of the barrier they may lean away from the pool at an angle of not more than 15o.

Non-climbable zone requirements

For fences less than 1800 mm in height the non-climbable zone must be located on the outside of the fence (side facing away from the pool). For fences 1800 mm or more in height the non-climbable zone may be on either side of the fence.

When the non-climbable zone is located on the outside of the fence, there must be an additional 300 mm wide clear area on the inside of the fence extending 900 mm down from the top of the fence and the non-climbable zone must also extend 900 mm beyond the end of the fence and 900 mm along any intersecting fence.

Mesh and Perforated Material Fences

According to the QLD swimming pool fence regulations it is acceptable to have barriers made from perforated sheeting and mesh provided the apertures in the mesh are not greater than 100 mm. . If the apertures are less than 13 mm the fencing needs to have a minimum effective height of 1200 mm. If however the apertures are more than 13 mm the fence must be at least 1800 mm high. Mesh (chain wire) fences must have a strainer wire or rail top and bottom.

A non-climbable zone is not required if a mesh or perforated fence is 2400 mm or more high or 1800 mm with a cranked top.

Ground Clearance

The height of any opening between the bottom of the barrier and the finished ground level must not be more than 100 mm.

Strength and Rigidity

Openings in the fence must have sufficient strength and rigidity. Check that all bars are secured to the top and bottom rails. If gaps of more than 100 mm can be obtained between the bars of the fence by squeezing them in the middle a rigidity test may need to be performed.

Gate Swing

The QLD swimming pool fence regulations require that gates open outwards away from the pool. Gates that open inwards toward the pool area or both inwards and outwards are not acceptable.

Disclaimer: This page provides only a summary of the QLD swimming pool fence regulations. The complete suite of regulations includes the QLD Building Act 1975, Building Regulations 2006, AS1926.1, AS1926.2 and AS/NZS3000. Users are advised that the complete suite of regulations must be consulted in order to form a legal opinion of QLD swimming pool fence regulations and requirements.