Pool Inspection Checklist

Pool Owners can significantly improve the prospects of having their pool pass on its 1st inspection and save themselves time and money by completing our pre-inspection checklist and correcting non-compliant issues before the inspector arrives.

The most common areas for failure of pool safety inspections are:

  • Climbable objects near the pool fence
  • Overgrown trees and branches within defined areas
  • Barriers not of adequate height, too much gap underneath or not structurally sound
  • Barriers that are climbable
  • Gates not closing automatically, or opening towards the pool area
  • Gate hinges that are less than 900 mm apart and climbable
  • Missing or non-compliant CPR / Resuscitation sign
  • Footholds

Budget Pool Safety Inspections recommends that you download our pre-inspection checklist and guide and use it as a reference to check what rectifications are needed prior to your pool safety inspection.

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