Swimming Pool Registration

From the 30th November 2011 all swimming pools in QLD must be registered with the Pool Safety Council. It is important that your swimming pool be registered by the 4th May 2011, penalties of up to $16,500 can be levied for failure to register your pool prior to that date.

The swimming pool register can be viewed online at HERE.

How to check if your pool is registered and register online

The Pool Safety Council has developed an easy to use online tool for checking if your pool is registered and for registering online. Local councils have provided the PSC with details of some pools within their local governemtn areas but the council records have been shown to be very incomplete. To check if your pool is on the register is easy.

1. Go to the pool safety register page and enter your address details or select the block from the Google Map.

2. If your pool is already registered details of the registration will be shown as below. (In this case the pool is regitered but does not have a current pool safety certificate.)

3. If your pool is not registered you can advise the Pool Safety Council of your pool and meet your obligations by clicking on the link provided.